Saturday, February 12, 2011

Traveling: buses, boats, motorbikes, cheap cheap!

If you are traveling like me, for as long as possible with as little working as possible you are also living as cheap as possible. This means locating and executing the cheapest mode of transportation you can find. This also means it will probably not be the luxury ''sleeper'' bus but the local sit up bus, for many hours longer than some other more pricey modes of transport. A lot of these buses also have designated stops at certain over priced eateries where they benefit from bringing tourists. To save 17 baht on a yogurt I attempted to run across a 6 lane highway at night, just to be tapped on the should by the driver and shown a sign saying ''Do not cross highway, dangerous & you will be robbed'' haha. Had to give him credit for the hilarious signage. Also these buses do not arrive on schedule so you may find yourself dropped off in the middle of Bangkok at 5am with hostels all booked due to the start of busy season. A good reason to be less spontaneous and more organized, but what's the fun in that(;  I enjoy a good karma check from time to time, if my karma's no good I will be left to sleep in the street, if it's good I'll find something after a bit of searching & toting my luggage in the darkness. Traveling is one of those things I think you do not realize until you do it, how much work it is. It is a full time job, especially if you want to do it even half decently. It throws all regularity and routine daily life out the window for the experiment of letting life take over you.  I find even if you try to make loose plans, they end up changing drastically several times. That's definitely the attraction for me, not knowing where I will be tomorrow, a week from now or even a year.

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