Sunday, February 13, 2011


Leaving home is never easy I did it at fifteen, moving out of my parents house only for the sake of proving my personal independence, my parents were my friends and besides I was just relocating down the beach. At twenty I set out for the west leaving friends and family behind, this time straight across the country on highway 10 headed for California and a fresh start. Now being half way around the world I realize there is something about being so far away that you know you can't always call or come running home that makes the whole process much different. You are suddenly hit with the notion that if anything happens you are pretty much shit out of luck. After living several years, thousands of miles from ''home'' I didn't see my parents or friends from Florida all that much anyway. Then yet again uprooting my new found home in Venice was bringing back lots of old memories and hardships, questions arose like what am I doing? Why am I leaving? I have the perfect life and I'm trading it for the unknown? I suppose I always have enjoyed the thrill of jumping out of planes. The sensation that reminds me that I'm alive and for how long who knows.
These days it's a lot easier with skype and facebook but it doesn't replace sitting on the couch in your parents house laughing about the memories you share or visiting friends you haven't seen in many months or years. I miss having conversations with my dad. Or just knowing Jade & the monks are around the block & I can skate to their houses anytime. I miss familiar faces or even being known by others in my town. It's funny when you start to meet so many other travelers along the path, you wonder if you would know them or even become friends with them if you weren't thrown together by the one passion you both share. Ultimately I know that everyone will still be there upon my return and as far as the rents go, they encourage  me 100% to do what I love and what makes me happy. However it doesn't make me miss the lives I've left behind any less.
Before I left on my expedition, my sister and I flew home to Florida to surprise our parents. It was both my mothers & sisters birthdays.

Jade & I at the top of Empire State building last winter for sunset. Magical.

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