Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hostels, Guesthouses, hotels, bungalows...etc..

So remember when I said where you stay really affects how your time in one area plays out? Well when your home is your backpack and you sometimes sleep 4+ to a room just so it'll be cheaper. It does. Now seeing as how I could could care less about what the four walls (or sometimes just three!) that surround me look like, I've slept anywhere & everywhere. In Asia (including Indo) I have slept in rooms usually from about $5 usd to $1 usd. This can get you a range of amenities from the very basic crumbly room with a mattress on the floor, no sheets, toilet paper, towel, window, fan, ac, or bathroom. To what I consider to be a VERY nice room: A possibly off the floor bed with sheets, towels, soap, maybe a toothbrush, fan, ac if its really lux, hot water, a shower that doesn't make you feel dirtier after showering, wifi that works, a small window and the overall treat toilet paper! Some of the places you go you may think you can find a good cheap room, you will be shown a miserable hole you immediately decide you won't spend anything but sleep hours in. While other places can surprise you even with daily maid service! Give Hue, Vietnam for example, Hue is a want to be tourist stop on the route up or down the coast. It was the capital a hundred years ago and was engulfed in war not even that long ago. Now it is stuck between trying to give you the historical experience you are looking for and wanting to forget the past. Mainly a lot of war artifacts scatter the streets and you wonder what else there is to do. No markets to speak of, the citadel is the only site to see  unless you want to drive for a bit, however there are lots of cheap cheap food & accommodation. Upon arriving we hop off the bus to be bombarded by vietnamese throwing their best english phrases such as ''Yes we have room'', as loud & fast as possible. I always am a bit nonchalant and see how low I can get the price. You know if they go down immediately they are probably over charging by a lot. When a room for two goes down from $10 to $8 without a haggle, you can get it for $6. Now this may not sound like a lot to most people but trust me when every dollar means having another entire day on the road, you look at things very differently! So that was Hue for me, not the best sites but a cheap room with maid service, a tv (a real treat if it works!) clean towels (sometimes they are not) soap, a decent bed, wifi and hot water. Also some good very cheap spots to grub right out our door, what else do you need in life, really?

Our $4 each a night bungalow in Kep, Cambodia got **** stars for accommdation however the food at the spot was expensive & was a short hike to get to cheaper edibles.

Rabbit Island or KohTonsay I had heard was pricey in comparison but upon arrival we got a bungalow right on the beach for $4 each and cheap food was a stone's throw away, ***** stars.

Across from the beach in Muy Ne this was a sweet spot dominated by kite boarders and the cheapest place we found. It was Vietnamese New Year so prices went up a bit, we were staying three to a room for $8 usd total, then up to $13, but if you don't have the exact date your leaving planned out it's a bit of a pain in the ass to have the owner down your throat about when your leaving. Understandable was New Year's but never had to be so precise with dates before, plus food was pricey so only ** & 1/2 stars

This was the most disgusted I have ever been by a room. $2 usd in Phnom Penh, located lakeside because the lake is so polluted that it smells terrible so all guesthouses have  moved to riverside. Which is MUCH nicer. This is what I saw out my ''window'', I shouldn't have looked. 0 st

*Obviously have tons more but will have to continue at a later date, I think I'm getting in over my head here, seeing as how I've transferred most of my photos to a hard drive and will need to convert back into my iphoto. I hear the Philippines has good wifi so should be able to get lots of work done there but my overall rule of thumb is never believe what you hear(:

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